HEKA is pleased to announce that it has acquired the assets of InstruTECH Corporation. Following the closure of InstruTECH in July, 2007, HEKA undertook the following steps which will be beneficial to both HEKA and InstruTECH’s former and future customers.

On October 31, 2007, HEKA finalized an agreement to purchase a partial selection of InstruTECH assets. This purchase allows HEKA to continue the manufacturing and support of the following InstruTECH Data Acquisition products: ITC-18, PCI-18, PCI-18V3, USB-18, ITC-1600, PCI-1600, PCI-1600e, PCI-16, PCI-16V3 and USB-16.

All InstruTECH-branded products purchased from HEKA Instruments, Inc. will be covered by HEKA’s standard one year warranty for parts and labor. HEKA Instruments, Inc. will continue to provide repair service for all current InstruTECH Data Acquisition products. Service cannot be provided for the following discontinued products: AT-16, AT-18, DVP-32, MAC-18, MAC-23, QS-1, SDA-1, VR-111, VR-112, VR-10, VR-100, and VR-100B. These products were not included as part of the purchase agreement.

In honor of Milan Kesler, the founder of InstruTECH, who unexpectedly passed away, HEKA will continue to brand all current Data Acquisition Interfaces with the InstruTECH name. Milan Kesler was well known in the Life Sciences industry with a career that spanned more than 32 years. His loyalty, kindness and friendship were valued greatly by HEKA and we are delighted that we can continue our association with his memory.

This has been an enormous undertaking in a short period of time. Now that all is in place HEKA has the additional staff, facilities and products that will expertly benefit all current and future customers. The above mentioned continued InstruTECH products are now available from HEKA. Please feel free to contact any one of our offices (Address and Phone Numbers) regarding any questions that you may have.